Friday, December 16, 2005

I can't wait (December Blog)

Well, the semester is finally over! Thank goodness! I think the kids were ready for a break, and I know that I was was, as well. Although, I will enjoy the nice long break, I am also ready to get started with the new materials and objectives. I feel like January will be a fresh start for everyone. The kids will be rested, and I will as well. In addition, we will probably all be ready to get back into the swing of things come January. Right now, though, I don't want to rush anything. I simply want to sit back and take it easy for the next few weeks. To say the least, teaching is a very exhausting job. It takes alot of you, physically, emotionally, and MENTALLY! I can't wait to get started back though. As I said, I think that it will be a good new start for everyone involved. January should bring around new things. In addition, since I have one semester under my belt, I am looking forward to the next semester. Since I have a little more experience and know my kids well, then I should have new and great ideas for them. I can't wait.

This Semester

Wow! The semester is finally over! It is hard to believe that I have been teaching for a semester! Being a teacher is just what I expected and much, much more. I never dreamed some of the things that would go on. When I started teaching, I had 128 students. I now have 164! I guess that is what I get for living in the fastest growing county in the state, and one of the top ten fastest growing counties in the nation! I heard that on average, 7.5 families move into Desoto County each day. That is crazy! I come from a small rural town where things do not move that rapidly. So, I have had some major adjustments to do in that area. Anyway, back to teaching.... I keep late hours. I work about 12 to 14 hours every day. Things are always rush, rush, rush. At some times, I feel as if I do not have a life except to come and teach. But then again, that is my life :).
Things went extremely well first semester. I feel as if I am a true success. Overall, my students are learning math. In addition, I KNOW that I have made a difference in some kids lives. So, I feel successful about that. Everything that could have happened did happen this year. OBHS played for the North Half Championship for the first time in history. So, that was exciting! Overall, everything went well in my classroom. I had a few problems, but nothing major. A student ate paper and a pencil one day. Later, he set his pants on fire in my room. To say the least, things were always interesting. It never failed that I would have a little excitement in my room. My first semester has been a great one, though!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

My Changes Since Summer

Well, since the summer, my attitude has changed just slightly. First, my students still come first. If all of my students are not with me in the lesson, then I do not move on. I do what is best for them (in a certain time frame). In addition, I still love teaching! It is the largest challenge that I have ever faced in my life. Some days you want to cry, others you laugh. In the end though, it is worth it because I am reaching some kid.

Earilier, I said that every child was teachable and capable of learning to a certain level. I still believe this to be somewhat true. Every child is teachable, but I am not sure if every child WANTS to be taught. I have one student now who has a discipline record as long as my leg. He is constantly getting into trouble!!! It seems as if one day I have him within my grasp, and the next thing I know is he in the office! He is currently on his third out of school suspension. He has been in ALC (in school suspension) 3 times already this year. I now believe that he may be a lost cause. I know what no child left behind says. But come on! Can I really get this kid on board while 161 others may be getting left behind because I am dealing with this one kid! Anyway, let me get off my soap box for now.

I still believe that teaching is a rewarding career. I am already reaping those benefits. I work with overall great kids, an excellent staff, and an ever greater administration. Overall, my thoughts since summer are the same. I am a lot more tired now, but I still love what I do.