Thursday, November 30, 2006

Quiz Bowl

In my other blog, I spoke of the quiz bowl team that I
started here at Olive Branch High School. When I was at Ole
Miss, I helped moderate quiz bowl competitions for five
years. In addition my current roommate (and a teacher at
OBHS) helped moderate, as well. So, since my both had so
much knowledge of the quiz bowls, it would only seem
appropriate if we started a quiz bowl team. Also, a friend
of mine moved to Olive Branch, and he was actually in charge
of the quiz bowls at the University. (That is how we meet
him plus through a mutual friend.) So with all this
knowledge, of the competition we decided to start a quiz
bowl team. By the first of September, we had fifteen
dedicated students. They loved the competitions, and they
grew to love the practices. At times, they even refused to
leave practices. They wanted to stay and practice longer.
October came, and it was time for competition. With only
two months of practice, I thought that our time excelled to
a high level. I knew that we would be competitive, but I
never thought we would do as well as we actually did. We
placed 2nd in our bracket, and 9th in the overall
tournament. I was so excited for them. I know that as we
continue to practice, we will get better and better. Our
next tournament is in March. We are already busy at work
for this tournament. I love quiz bowl because it gives me a
chance to work with the extremely smart kids, and they all
have great personalities. In the end, it is one of the most
rewarding things that I have done since I became a teacher.


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