Thursday, November 30, 2006

My Plans for Next Years

My plans for next year are easy. As most everyone knows, I
am in this profession for the long haul. I am not one of
those who plans to teach for a couple of years and then move
on to that big fine office with the big leather chair. That
is not for me. I plan to continue to teach in Olive Branch.
In fact, I have every intention of being here for at least
25 years. I enjoy my job. I love the people that I work
with, and I have made lasting friendships at this school. I
have a very wonderful administration, and they support me
110%. Most importantly, I love the kids. They are always a
lot of fun, and they add interest to sometimes a dull day.
I plan to continue to coach our newly founded Quiz Bowl
Team. When I was at Ole Miss, I always helped with the
UMAIT and Brain Brawl Quiz Bowl Competitons. When I came
here to Olive Branch, I was shocked to discover that one of
the largest high schools in the state did not have a quiz
bowl team. So, I (along with some help) set out to found a
quiz bowl team. We did so, and they are already performing
extremely well. So, as for next year, I plan to continue to
work with them. In truthfulness, I am looking forward to
next year. I believe that as I continue to teach, I will
become a better teacher, and hopefully, one day, I will
reach that "Master Teacher" level.


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